Yoga is a great way to move your body. It can build strength, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness, help you gain confidence, and can release tense or tight spots. But it can also do wonders for your mind. It can allow you to become more introspective, help you see things a new way, and can even give you tools to find peace within chaos. The more you practise, the more benefits you start to see and feel.


Delve Yoga guides you through a variety of videos - from slow, chilled-out meditation to fast, fiery power flows - while also encouraging you to find your own place of comfort and enjoyment within your movements. This helps keep you motivated, allowing you to progress further and to delve deeper into all aspects of your yoga practise.


Delve Yoga brings you on-demand yoga, meditation, pilates and yin videos for every level. Options are offered to make things less or more intense and we even have Knowledge Videos that break down poses or give helpful tips and guidance.


Donation-Based: Sign up is free and you can practise to a select number of videos. You can choose to either pay-what-you-feel through the Paypal button, or if you're not in the position to donate financially, you can contribute in other ways. You can tell friends or family about us, leave a supportive comment or a like on Instagram, or any other way you feel may help support Delve Yoga.

Monthly Membership: Here, you pay a monthly subscription to access a growing library full of Delve Yoga's videos. This library has more variety and a larger number of videos compared to the donation-based section.

You can use my videos at the gym, in the classroom, with friends and family, on a road trip, or when you're travelling for work. The possibilities of where you practise are endless and Delve Yoga will help guide you through your flow where ever you decide to step on your mat. And best of all? Because it's on-demand, it all fits around your schedule!


With Delve Yoga, you can practise your yoga flows anywhere. Nowhere near a studio? Grow your at-home practise from your living room! Going on holidays? Follow along to the videos at the beach! Have a regular yoga class? Learn more about the poses and take that knowledge with you into the studio!


Aoife Blake

Hello and welcome! My name is Aoife (she/her), and I’m a yoga and pilates teacher from Ireland currently living in Melbourne, Australia.

I guide students through multiple styles of classes, taking an empathetic approach which allows people to find joy within their own movements. I believe that our bodies are all beautifully diverse and I aim to inspire self-exploration and experimentation within movement to find what works best for your body in your practise that day. I feel this is what brings people back to their mats, helps keep people motivated, and allows them to go even further within their poses and practise over time. 

My own yoga journey began at home, as there were no viable studios where I lived at the time. I took what I knew from Gymnastics and Acro and started practising in my living room using online videos, DVDs and books but found the information wasn’t as educational or helpful as it could have been - especially for someone new to yoga. It was this realisation that sparked the idea to create an online platform full of informative guided content for those stepping onto their mats outside of a studio setting.


While working with students with additional needs in secondary schools, I decided to gain my Pilates qualification so I could further assist students with mobility issues. It was through this training that I fell in love with Pilates, but I still wanted to further my yoga journey.

I eventually moved to Melbourne, where I was spoiled for choice with studios, workshops and teacher trainings. In my first year in Melbourne, I undertook not one, but two teacher training courses. Once qualified, I felt it was the right time to bring together Delve Yoga. I began planning this platform and most of it has been built during Melbourne's multiple lockdowns. I take all the lessons and experiences I encounter in my yoga journey to create a welcoming, informative, and encouraging space for you to expand your own practise wherever you choose to flow.


Despite living in a place with an abundance of studios, I always prefer to return to my at-home practise. My absolute favourite way to practise after a long, overwhelming and socially draining day is to close the blinds in my living room, turn off the lights, put some beautifully scented oil in the diffuser, step onto my mat and delve into my own space.

Where possible, I encourage and celebrate growth both on and off the yoga mat and I'm a huge believer and promoter of empowerment and self-care.


In my spare time, you'll find me playing video games with my husband, exploring the city, oil painting on my balcony, and going on adventures so I can add to my travel sketchbook. You can view my artwork on my Art website here.

I'm delighted you're here and I hope to be able to guide you through your yoga journey.

Aoife x

(If you're unsure how to pronounce 'Aoife', it's E-F-A. Like Eva, but with an F in the middle.)


  • Level 3 Diploma, Pilates Instructor

  • 50hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training

  • 200hr RYT Power Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

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Melbourne, Australia
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