Yoga is a great way to move your body. It can build strength, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness, help you gain confidence, and it can release tense or tight spots. But it can also do wonders for your mind. It can allow you to become more introspective, help you see things in a new way, and can even give you tools to find peace within chaos. The more you practise, the more benefits you start to see and feel.

My aim is to guide you through a variety of classes - from slow, chilled-out meditation to fast, fiery power flows - while also encouraging you to find your own place of comfort and enjoyment within movement. This helps keep you motivated, allowing you to progress further and delve deeper into all aspects of your yoga practice.



With Aoife Blake Yoga & Pilates, you can move and meditate anywhere. Nowhere near a studio? Grow your at-home practise from your living room! Going on holidays? Follow along to the videos at the beach! Have a regular yoga class? Learn more about the poses and take that knowledge with you into the studio!

You can use my videos at the gym, in the classroom, with friends and family, on a road trip, or when you're travelling for work. The possibilities of where you practise are endless and I will help guide you through your flow wherever you decide to step on your mat. And best of all? Because it's on-demand, it all fits around your schedule!


Donation-Based: Sign up is free and you can practise to a select number of videos. You can choose to either pay-what-you-feel through the PayPal button, or you can contribute in other ways like leaving a supportive comment on Instagram, for instance.

Monthly Membership: *COMING SOON* Here, you pay a monthly subscription to access a growing library full of my videos. This library has more variety and a larger number of videos compared to the donation-based section.

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