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Aoife Blake Yoga and Pilates would like to make movement available to everyone. That's why I've included a donation-based section on the website. Here, you are guided through a select number of flows and classes and you can pay-what-you-feel easily through the Paypal Donate button.

Every single donation is wholeheartedly appreciated. It helps with everything from website fees to being able to create new flows. However, I’m fully aware that with times being as they are, not everyone is in a financial position to donate money. If you are currently unable to donate but would still like to support me and my website, here are some other methods where you can help:


  • Give ABY's posts a like, comment or share (this helps with Instagram algorithms so the account pops up in searches, giving my yoga account more exposure. This means I can be found easier by people looking for online yoga, so every interaction helps me out).

  • Tell other people about Aoife Blake Yoga! If you know someone who might benefit from the flows, 'How To' content or colouring pages, send them our way.

  • Share a photo or video of your practise or finished colouring pages by tagging me (@aoifeblakeyoga) in your post or stories.

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